Bad guys

“We bad” with the help of their provocative illustrations changed the look of the popular Ukrainian publishing house Osnovy Publishing, which has been producing books since 1992.

According to the Director of Osnovy Publishing Dana Pavlychko, “These are one of my favorite illustrators of Ukraine. They feel our rowdy style and I got the idea of them painting up our office a long time ago. Now everybody who visits us understands our soul and love for illustrations”.

The main catch of the project is the fact, that the walls of the office have been filled with the girls- and boys- hooligans, and on their T-shirts we placed the quotes of Ukrainian writers. The phrases were written in different languages and using different symbols to emphasize that classical literature can sound modern and cool.

On top of that, the hooligan, in the finest sense of the word, image of the company, which moves with the times, implements brave and bold projects, producing good books, was successfully played on. Authors of the ideas and illustrations: Lera Sxemka and Max Pavlyuk. Read more…